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Paul Sherry is a Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealer serving Piqua, Dayton, Troy, Sidney, Greenville and more.

*Bold design of award-winning Chrysler 300 inspires owners to create videos showcasing their customized vehicles *Louisville, Ky., woman wins contest and trip to Los Angeles to have her vehicle displayed at Los Angeles International Auto Show in November

Auburn Hills, Mich. In addition to marking the return of the “Great American Car” when it was first introduced, and earning the distinction of being the most-awarded new car in automotive history*, the Chrysler 300 also proved to be a canvas for owners to express their passion and style through customization.

To capture and share this creativity, the Chrysler brand encouraged owners to “Spin it Your Way” by creating and uploading a short video to the Chrysler 300 YouTube channel. Each video showed how owners brought out their individuality by customizing their Chrysler 300.

The public voted for their favorite video and Lisa Marie Varon of Louisville, Ky., was named the “Spin it Your Way” contest [...]

Shift in Car Companies Priorities lead to Rapid Industry Turnaround

As I scan the car company’s websites over the last month or so you can’t help but notice the news they are projecting on us that they are seeing “record sales” or other drastic increases in sales numbers from this same time a year ago. It would be hard to convince us that the success is from a drastically improved economy, because of the still depressed economy we see still. But instead I have to credit the car dealers and manufactures on these successes because of how they are marketing and designing their cars around what people want.

“Build it and they will come”?not so fast

Back in the golden days of car sales and a great economy the car companies could make anything they wanted, throw it out on the lot, have one good advertisement campaign and they would sell out. They were in [...]

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