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When you head to Sherry Chrysler or check out our inventory online, you will notice that we offer a wide selection of Rocky Ridge trucks. These are lifted models designed to take you off-road with ease by maximizing ground clearance while adding a heavy dose of style.

Who Is Rocky Ridge?

To get a better idea of why Sherry Chrysler proudly offers these converted trucks, consider that Rocky Ridge has 31 years of experience in the industry, during which time they have always been family owned as well as operated. They began with GM conversion vans but eventually became one of the most well-respected specialty vehicle manufacturers for building lifted trucks and SUVs. No matter who you ask in the industry, everyone will confirm that Rocky Ridge models are of the highest quality.

Rocky Ridge Accessories Get Their Own Warranty

If you are in the market for a lifted truck or SUV, you need to always be careful with the warranty on the vehicle. That is because most of the time, a conversion or lift done by a non-professional will actually void your factory warranty. This isn’t the case with Rocky Ridge conversions, however. Because they are so well-respected in the industry, the lift kits that Rocky Ridge’s highly-trained technicians put into place will not void the original factory warranty, letting you take advantage of all its benefits.

In addition to that original factory warranty, all accessories from Rocky Ridge get their own warranty to give you peace of mind. This warranty lasts 36,000 miles or three years, whichever comes first, and should deliver the confidence you need to take your Rocky Ridge truck on your next adventure.

Get to Know the Rocky Ridge Models and Accessories

The Rocky Ridge conversions we offer at Sherry Chrysler are for trucks and Jeeps. Specifically, they typically begin with a RAM 1500, RAM 2500, or Jeep Wrangler, although there are some exceptions. The conversions always include a suspension lift kit plus a custom wheel and tire package to compensate for the added ride height. Factor in some added style and the warranty, and you have an amazing vehicle you can count on.

The Rocky Ridge RAM Altitude, for example, features a six-inch Rocky Ridge Suspension Lift Kit with Rocky Ridge front strut tower extension and cross-members in the front and rear. It also adds rear coil spacers, a brake-line relocation bracket, compression struts, and ES 9000 rear shocks. All suspension lift kits found on Rocky Ridge models are similar but different enough to make each conversion package unique. The custom wheel and tire packages always include swapping out the wheels and tires, along with road force balancing, four-wheel alignment, and a complete system recalibration. The conversions all end with Rocky Ridge Signature Badging.

Depending on the Rocky Ridge model and conversion package you select, you can get other exterior and interior changes such as a Flowmaster muffler, black ceramic coated exhaust tips, LED reverse lights, Rocky Ridge Full Armour bumpers, and 8,500-pound synthetic rope winches.

Our team will gladly walk you through our Rocky Ridge selection and answer any questions you have.

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