Popular Upfit Options for RAM Commercial Trucks

ram commercial truck upfitAt Paul Sherry Chrysler, we gladly offer a range of RAM commercial trucks because of their incredible versatility. We love the impressive number of upfits that can work with RAM commercial trucks as well as the varied lineup of commercial models to start with. Over the course of our time in the industry, we have found that certain upfits are more popular than others, meaning that at any given time, we are most likely to have these options on our lot. That being said, regardless of your chosen upfit, we will do everything in our power to get it to you in a timely manner.

Snow Plow Upfits

We regularly see customers who want to configure their RAM commercial truck with a snow plow upfit. This upfit option takes advantage of the incredible traction and all-weather capabilities of the RAM trucks to clear a path. We recommend this particular upfit for highway maintenance and emergency services, although we sell it to others as well. The RAM with a snow plow upfit can easily handle anything thrown its way; after all, it was tested in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which is known for its ultra-freezing temperatures.

Toolbox Upfits

Toolbox upfits are incredibly easy to install and useful for nearly anyone. We frequently see those in the roofing, electrical, construction, and painting industries in search of this upfit. The toolbox allows you to bring all the tools you need and includes customizable storage, including ladder racks, shelving, external storage, and more. It is perfect for organization and protecting valuable tools.

ram commercial van upfitService Capsule Upfits

Others in the construction, painting, or plumbing industries come to us in search of a service capsule upfit. These turn the truck bed of the RAM commercial truck into a secure, covered mobile workshop. There is plenty of space along with security and the protection from elements, regardless of where you end up working.

Service Upfits

For commercial chassis cabs from RAM, we see many in search of service upfits. These are made from lightweight aluminum or rugged steel and have customized shelving plus ample external cargo storage. They are ideal for highway maintenance, construction, emergency services, and electrical industries.

Platform Upfits

Another popular option for RAM chassis cabs is the platform upfit. This is mostly used for delivery, towing, and construction due to the ease of loading and unloading both with people or a forklift. It does well in construction, forestry, farming, and oil and gas.

Dump Upfits

Dump upfits are also commonly sought after for RAM chassis cabs. They have underbody hydraulic or electric hoists and are great for hauling and dumping heavy materials such as sand, mulch, and soil. You can also find them with drop-sides for quicker access when loading or unloading.

Box Van Upfits

Our box van upfits also go on the RAM chassis cab and are perfect for those who need to transport large quantities, such as moving and storage companies, delivery services, construction, and landscaping.

Other Upfit Choices

Just some of the other RAM commercial truck upfits we can help you get include refrigeration, landscaper, mechanic, ambulance, and wrecker upfits for chassis cabs. Of course, the RAM ProMaster vans have their own set of upfits as well.

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