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ram trucksram trucksThe all-new 2013 RAM 1500 has yet again produced a vehicle with an impressive towing capacity. The V-6 is able to haul a whopping 6,500 pounds! This is 2,600 pounds more than the 2012 RAM 1500.

ram trucks dealerram trucks dealerThe new 3.6-liter V-6 engine comes standard on the SLT and high-efficiency HFE models. Not only does it provide 269 lb.-ft of torque, which is 13 percent more than its predecessor but it delivers 305 horsepower which is 42 percent more than the 2012.

One important powertrain improvement in the V-6 engine is the eight-speed TourqueFlite 8 automatic transmission. The improvements include smaller gear steps, smoother operations, double the gears, boosted drivability, and [..

ram truckram truckThe RAM 1500 is built for strength and power. With up to 390 horsepower, the RAM 1500 has a maximum towing capacity of 10,459 pounds! The RAM 1500 powertrain goes beyond the impressive towing capabilities. Not only is this a great vehicle for towing and hauling, it does not come with the high mpg that most towing and hauling vehicles do. This truck is efficient with 20 MPG highway across the entire light-duty line of engines. This truck gives you the best of both worlds.


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