Factory Order RAM Truck


Factory Order Your New RAM Truck

Finding the RAM truck you want, at a fair price is difficult. Thankfully, with Sherry Chrysler, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of waiting and hoping that you will get the RAM truck you want, you can factory order it. This guarantees you the RAM truck you want at a fair price.

Benefits of Factory Ordering Your New Truck From Sherry Chrysler


Save Money

When you traditionally purchase a RAM truck, you will go to the dealership, find the RAM truck you want and purchase it. However, when you purchase a stock RAM truck, the prices are higher. Instead, you can factory order a RAM truck and get a lower price for the same vehicle.

Sherry Chrysler is a certified RAM dealer. This means we have direct contact with the manufacturers of RAM trucks. So, when you purchase from us, you are not paying for a wholesaler’s markup.

Our factory order system gives you access to factory-direct pricing, discounts of pre-orders, locked-in incentives/rebates, and protects you from market adjustment pricing. Your new RAM truck comes at a great price for a faster and more customized vehicle.


Save Time

Instead of traveling to a variety of dealerships to find the RAM truck you want, you can order it to your specifications. This can decrease frustration and make finding the right vehicle easy. Similarly, when you order factory-direct your vehicle takes priority.

You have already purchased your vehicle, so RAM pushes your order to the front of the line. In contrast, stock units are pushed back because they have not been sold yet. This means you could get the car you want faster than waiting for the one you want to become available at the dealership.


Customize Your New RAM Truck

When you order factory direct from Sherry Chrysler, you don’t have to compromise on the colors and features you want. If you are looking for a specific, limited-time, or limited-availability vehicle, you can get it. This means you can get the exact color, features, trim package, and truck style that you want. Instead of settling for something that is “close enough” you can order something you love and pay less.

Dealerships order a limited number of vehicles and often times the RAM truck you want can be gone before you get to the lot. Instead of waiting and hoping you can get the car you want, why not guarantee you will get it?

Factory Order Your RAM Truck Today

As a certified RAM dealership, Sherry Chrysler has access to a number of benefits that other dealerships do not. This includes the ability to factory order a new customized RAM truck at a discounted price.

So, what are you waiting for? Put in your factory order on a RAM truck today. You can save money, save time, and customize your RAM to your needs and tastes.  You can start the process online or call us at (937) 778-0830 to get started. Contact Sherry Chrysler today to start the factory order process.

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