Factory Order A New Car


What is the Factory Order Program?

When you factory order a new car, it is customized to your needs and desires before being ordered directly from the factory. When you utilize this program, you end up with many benefits as opposed to waiting for more stock inventory. Many dealers have limited car availability, which means that you could spend more time than you think searching for your perfect car. Even worse, you could end up settling for something less than ideal because you’re eager to end the process. With the factory order program, you will get to enjoy the process thanks to the help of our fantastic team at Paul Sherry.

Why Choose a Factory Order Car?

Save money.

Customers who choose to pre-order a vehicle from the factory will gain access to discounts and factory direct pricing. You’ll also get locked in incentives and rebates, making your factory order a great deal.

Get exactly what you want.

When you custom order a new car, you’ll be able to choose the exact colors and features you want. If you’ve had your eye on a limited availability vehicle, a factory order can help you get your hands on it.

Save time.

Searching online for the perfect vehicle takes time that can easily be saved by a custom factory order. Skip the frustration of the search! As a bonus, orders are expedited from the factory even when stock units are stalled.

How to Order a Factory New Car

The first step to ordering a factory new car is deciding which make and model you want. You aren’t limited to what’s on the lot, and can pick any brand new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM. After choosing your car, you’ll get to customize it with the exact colors and features that you want. Looking for a red car with a stunning black leather interior? No problem. You’ll save yourself time and energy by purchasing directly from the factory. Once the car combination is put together, we’ll send your order into the factory. At this time, we’ll make sure you’re getting the best price with any applicable discounts and factory direct pricing. The order will be received by the factory and they’ll get to work building out your new car. While the timeline can vary, you’ll be happy to know that a custom factory order is often pushed ahead of stock units. You’ll get your dream car faster than you would a car straight off the lot. The last step of the process? Delivery! Your car will be delivered to you, thanks to the help of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members.


Steps to Ordering Your Vehicle

Choose Your Vehicle

Place Your Order

Arrange Pickup

Contact Us

If you’re ready to factory order your next vehicle, or if you have more questions about the process, get in touch with us. Our friendly team will help make the process as smooth as possible.

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