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new jeep wagoneer

A symbol of American luxury and off-road prowess, the Wagoneer has made a triumphant return, capturing the hearts of SUV enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the various models and what you can expect to pay for this iconic vehicle. For personalized, up-to-date pricing, we encourage you to contact Sherry Chrysler.

Different Models of the Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer comes in a variety of models to suit different needs and preferences. The lineup starts with the base model, providing a solid set of features for those looking for both luxury and capability. Following the base model is the Series II, offering additional amenities and technological upgrades. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and advanced features, the Series III is the top-tier option. Each model offers unique selling points, from performance enhancements to exclusive interior finishes, thus providing a range of choices for prospective buyers.

what credit score do you need to buy a car in ohio

Owning a vehicle shouldn’t be just a privilege. Here in Ohio, car ownership is a critical part of daily life, from completing your commute to running errands. For most people, owning at least one vehicle isn’t optional, it’s a requirement.

At Paul Sherry, we’re proud to offer a range of financing options for buyers. We’ll work with you to find the right loan or financing option, and help you get a vehicle of your very own so you can get off the bus and back in control.

Not sure you have the credit score you need to buy a vehicle in Ohio? We can help. First, let’s cover the basics.

What Are Credit Scores And How Do They Work?

Credit scores are a metric used to determine how responsible someone is with money, and how likely they are to be able to pay back a loan after they take one out.

  • August 4, 2023
  • Service
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  • Comments Off on Why It’s Important to Take Your Vehicle to a Certified Chrysler Dodge RAM Service Center
certified chrysler dodge ram service center

Sooner or later, your RAM vehicle – whether it’s a truck, conversion van, or something else – will need a tune-up and some maintenance work. When that time rolls around, it’s crucial to choose a Chrysler Dodge RAM service center rather than visiting some other, unspecialized auto shop.

Why? That’s what this article will break down. Below, you’ll find the benefits of visiting a certified service center and the importance of getting the right parts and technicians to look at your vehicle.

Benefits of a Certified Service Center

Using a certified Chrysler Dodge RAM service center is always a wise idea because you and your vehicle will both benefit. These benefits include:

  • The technicians working at certified service centers know exactly how the vehicles work, so they’ll perform better maintenance and have fewer issues
  • Those technicians have access to specialized tools and equipment, which helps them resolve mechanical [...]
jeep service center maintenance recommendations

Every vehicle needs maintenance and the occasional repair, and staying on top of the recommended maintenance schedule is one way to help your vehicle last longer and perform better throughout its lifetime.

Jeep owners often think that because their vehicles are highly rated as high-performance vehicles that they don’t need as much maintenance as other vehicles. According to Jeep service center maintenance recommendations, that just isn’t the case. Your Jeep might be able to manage going longer without maintenance, but a lack of maintenance will show up in a shortened lifespan for your Jeep, along with a higher incidence of repair problems.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

At Sherry Chrysler we prioritize high quality maintenance and repair services for Jeeps, and are a fully rated Jeep Service Center right here in Ohio. We keep a large inventory of genuine Jeep parts and use state-of-the-art equipment to make sure we can accurately diagnose and repair [...]


Buying a new truck is a significant investment, and finding the right dealership can make all the difference. If you’re in Ohio and looking to buy a new truck, you should consider Paul Sherry Chrysler as your go-to dealership. Paul Sherry is widely regarded as the best dealership in Ohio, especially if you’re interested in purchasing the new RAM 3500 Flatbed Truck. Let’s go over some of the main reasons why you can’t go wrong with choosing Paul Sherry below.

Exceptional Customer Service

One of the standout qualities of Paul Sherry is our superior customer service. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly staff members will work tirelessly with you to understand your needs and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you have questions about features, financing, or anything else, our staff will be happy to assist you.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“I highly recommend Paul Sherry. I have [...]

electric conversion van

Electric vehicles are all the rage, and if you drive a conversion van, you may be wondering when you can order an electric conversion van. The short answer is very soon, at least if you know where to look. But there are a few things you will want to know to make sure you understand when and where to get your electric conversion van.

Current State of Electric Conversion Vans

To start, the selection of electric conversion vans is still currently limited. While you can typically find traditionally powered conversion vans fromelectric conversion van Ram, GMC, Ford, and Chevrolet, not all of these already have electric vans available.

The Ram electric conversion van is slated to be among the most popular, and it will be available very soon. It should [...]

electric work van

Transportation generates the largest percentage of carbon emissions in the United States. This makes the transportation sector a primary contributor to the worsening problem of climate change.

One solution to ease the problem is for businesses to switch to electric vehicles, like electric work vans. This will help to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. There are also numerous other benefits for businesses to consider.

Read on to learn why an electric work van is the perfect solution for business owners.

Benefits of Choosing an Electric Work Van

Reduces Costs – Switching to electric work vans can lead to substantial cost savings for businesses. By reducing fuel costs and taking advantage of government incentives and tax benefits, organizations can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. With a decrease in the price of EVs in recent years, they are now a viable option.Expect to have lower maintenance expenses as electric [...]

ram reading rm-45 crane body commercial truck

Have you been looking for a heavy-duty truck that’s sure to help you tackle the toughest of jobs? Look no further than the Reading RM-45 Crane Body Truck from Sherry Chrysler. This versatile truck is designed to handle even the most demanding of workloads. It offers strength and durability that’s truly unmatched, so you can bet that it’ll get the job done right every time.

The Reading RM-45 Crane Body Truck comes with a fully integrated crane system, which, as you can imagine, significantly reduces the need for manual labor. It’s definitely designed with efficiency and productivity in mind. The truck’s spacious cab — which you’ll be delighted to find is equipped with Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay — makes for a comfortable drive, even when you’re taking on a particularly long job. Let’s take a closer look at the impressive benefits and capabilities of the Reading RM-45 Crane Body Truck below.

  • April 10, 2023
  • Dodge
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  • Comments Off on 5 Reasons the Dodge Hornet Is the Perfect Compact Car for City Driving
dodge hornet in ohio

If you’re looking for an efficient and versatile compact car that can handle daily life in the city, the all new Dodge Hornet is a perfect choice. It packs a punch with its powerful Dodge engine, agility, fuel efficiency, design, safety features, and top-tier technology. Here are five big reasons the new 2023 Dodge Hornet is the perfect compact car for city driving.

new dodge hornetAgile Handling and Maneuverability

For those living in a big city, it’s important to be able to maneuver your vehicle in the tight quarters, amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life. The compact size of the new Dodge Hornet, combined with the quick & responsive steering make it the perfect option for navigating the cramped urban environment in most cities.

Additionally, the Hornet has a very tight, nimble suspension system that allows [...]

  • March 10, 2023
  • RAM, 1500
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  • Comments Off on 5 Reasons the RAM 1500 REV Is the Ultimate Truck for Off-Road Adventures
ram 1500 rev ohio

If you have been eagerly awaiting the Ram 1500 REV as many other enthusiasts, you know that the 1500 REV is going to set a new standard in the electric pickup truck industry, which is going to make everything much more interesting. Not only is RAM’s new all-electric pickup built for intense speed and unmatched efficiency, but it’s also designed to be one of the most powerful and capable off-road vehicles that they’ve put out; equipped to handle the roughest, toughest terrain. We’re going to dig into 5 big reasons why the upcoming Ram 1500 REV is going to be the ultimate truck for off-road adventures.

rev ram truckSuperior off-road capability

One of the biggest reasons that the Ram 1500 REV is the ultimate truck for off-road adventures is the superior capability and level of performance that the components are capable of. The REV comes [...]

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