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What You Should Know about the Dodge Demon

dodge demon ohioThe 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, frequently referred to as just the Dodge Demon, is ready for thrills and will certainly appeal to anyone who wants all the power they can get. The Demon delivers an incredible amount of power and has numerous records under its belt, ensuring that it will help you win nearly any drag race – unless, of course, you are racing against another Dodge Demon.

Top Performance Figures

To say that the Dodge Demon has one of the best performances around is not an exaggeration. It has the most horsepower of any production car thanks to the 6.2-liter HEMI SRT DEMON V8 that is the most powerful V8 ever produced with 840 horsepower. The Demon also features the highest G-force of any production car with 1.8 G. In the category of things not to try at home, the Demon is also the very first production car to “pop a wheelie” or achieve a front wheel lift at its launch. Thanks to the numerous features enhancing performance, it should be no surprise that the Demon holds the title of the fastest production car in the world for the zero to 60 sprint, which takes only 2.3 seconds. It also has the world’s fastest quarter-mile time, which was 9.65 E.T. while going 140.09 mph.

Get to Know the Engine

With the HEMI SRT DEMON V8 holding the title of the most powerful production V8 ever, it is worth taking a closer look at. This engine meets emissions regulations and has the same general architecture as the 6.2-liter HEMI Hellcat V8 with a supercharger and 707 horsepower. From there, however, Dodge upgraded a whopping 25 components to produce the extra power. Just some of the enhanced components include the supercharger, valve train, fuel injection system, pistons, and rods.

dodge demon ohioTo keep the engine at peak performance, the Dodge Demon has an Air-Grabber hood scoop that qualifies as the biggest of all functional hood scoops on product cars at 45.2 square inches. Dodge sealed this hood scoop to the air box, which is also where the Dual Air-Catcher headlamps send air, as does an inlet by the wheel liner. The result is the Demon’s 1,150 cubic feet per minute engine air-flow rate, a full 18 percent more than the already impressive Hellcat V8. Unsurprisingly, this is the biggest air induction volume among production cars. Just this airflow enhancement increases the Demon’s V8’s power by 17 horses.

First-Ever Production Car with Torque Reserve Launch System

In addition to all those top figures, the Dodge Demon is the first factory production car to feature a Torque Reserve Launch System. This system complements the Demon’s TransBrake feature and provides launch acceleration that cannot be beat. It maintains the supercharger airflow, controls the torque supply via adjustments to spark timing and events, delivers a unique exhaust note, and improves the speed of engine torque response to enhance acceleration.

Striking Appearance

You should also note that the appearance of the Dodge Demon certainly matches its power. It almost looks sinister with the red paint and details like a Demon logo, the functional Air-Grabber hood scoop, and the wide-body design. This model is an all-around performance vehicle ready to impress.

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