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Maintain Your Car With Regular Oil Changes

One of the most important factors in keeping your car’s engine clean and running at optimum performance is to change the oil regularly. The owner’s manual will specify how much oil the engine requires and will suggest how often to change it. But a rule of thumb for oil changes is to do them every 3,000 miles. This ensures that the oil is clean, which in turn keeps the engine clean, and a clean engine will run well far longer than will a dirty engine.

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What Does Clean Oil Do for Your Car

The oil circulates through the engine block and coats the cylinder walls to keep the pistons moving freely and smoothly. It also reduces friction that causes heat and wear on engine parts. The oil picks up tiny fragments of dust and other debris as is circulates throughout the engine. It passes through a filter that catches much of this debris. But after a while, the oil begins to break down and loses its effectiveness. It also turns from its natural greenish color to black. When it changes color, it’s dirty and time to change it. But don’t rely on a visual to know when to change it. Keep track of your mileage and have it changed regularly at 3,000 miles. The owner’s manual usually has pages in the back for keeping maintenance records such as oil changes. If you bought your car used and the manual is missing, carry a small pocket notepad in which to keep track of the maintenance schedule.

oil change piqua ohioUse the Correct Oil

You should also know what the optimum viscosity of oil is to use in your car’s engine based on where you live and what the average temperature is. Viscosity has to do with the oil’s capability to thin or thicken depending on the temperature. You want the oil to thin down (but not too much) in cold weather and thicken up somewhat in hot weather. That keeps it lubricating the engine parts correctly no matter the temperature. Your owner’s manual should specify the viscosity of oil to use in your car. If you are still not sure, stop by our Piqua Service Center and our professionals can answer you questions in complete detail.

Select a Professional for Your Oil Change

It is possible for someone who knows what they are doing to change the oil in their own car. But it’s a messy job, so why bother? It is much more convenient to bring your car in to a professional garage. Home oil changes leave you with all the work in addition to finding a way to dispose of your used oil. A professional oil change at a full-service garage often includes many extras. A trained expert will let you know if your filters need to be changed, check windshield wiper fluid, check the air in your tires, check your coolant levels, and more. You can be sure that you will get the right amount of oil and the right kind when you work with an expert mechanic as well.

The trained professionals at Sherry Chrysler in Piqua, Ohio, invite you to bring in your car to let them take care of your next oil change.

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