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Safety Tips For Driving On Ice Winter driving conditions mean more than just delays. Icy conditions can create dangers for drivers and their passengers. Ice alone contributes to 12% of all accidents each year. Prepare your car and yourself before heading out on winter roads with these tips.  Safety Tips For Driving On IceSafety Tips For Driving On Ice The most important step for winter driving is to be prepared. Weather conditions can change almost instantly, and you’ll want your automobile in top shape. Make sure your car is equipped with winter weather tires. Low temperatures make normal tires to harden, causing a loss in traction and control. Winter tires stay flexible and have specialized treads that do not hold snow. Be sure to top off your antifreeze and properly defrost all windows before heading [...

FUN FACT: A 1″ rainfall equals 22,651 gallons of water per acre, weighing over 100 tons.

Whether in a smaller sedan like your new 2012 Dodge Journey or 2012 Dodge Avenger, or a larger vehicle like a 2012 Dodge RAM truck or a 2012 Jeep Liberty, it is important to stay safe when driving in rainy conditions.

To start, ensure that you have the following:

  • Quality tires and windshield wipers
  • Rain dispersant
  • Awareness of driving conditions
  • Patience

In a down pour, the pavement often becomes slippery and visibility becomes reduced. Use these tips to help:

Be prepared:

  • Check your tires and windshield wipers for wearing on them. Keep your tires in proper condition.
  • Replace your windshield wipers every year
  • Buy new tires when tread grooves reach less than 2/32″ deep
  • Treat your windshield with a rain dispersant
  • Pay attention to changes in driving conditions during rainy conditions, as traction and visibility will [...]

Ever experience those days when seems as if people forget how to drive as soon as it starts to rain? The weather man keeps saying how desperately we need rain, so when it comes you should know how to stay safe while driving in wet weather conditions.
Whether in a big SUV like your new 2012 Jeep Compass or 2012 Dodge Journey, or a smaller sedan like your new 2013 Dodge Dart or 2012 Chrysler 200, it is important to know how to drive in all types of weather.
flooded roadflooded road

  1. Similarly to winter snowy weather, make sure to keep a little extra distance between you and the car in front of you. A good rule to follow is keeping 4-5 seconds in between the car in front.
  2. Watch for spray [...

Wall Street Journal:

Congested cities are fast becoming test tubes for scientists studying the impact of traffic fumes on the brain.

As roadways choke on traffic, researchers suspect that the tailpipe exhaust from cars and trucks especially tiny carbon particles already implicated in heart disease, cancer and respiratory ailments may also injure brain cells and synapses key to learning and memory.

New public-health studies and laboratory experiments suggest that, at every stage of life, traffic fumes exact a measurable toll on mental capacity, intelligence and emotional stability. “There are more and more scientists trying to find whether and why exposure to traffic exhaust can damage the human brain,” says medical epidemiologist Jiu-Chiuan Chen at the University of Southern California who is analyzing the effects of traffic pollution on the brain health of 7,500 women in 22 states. “The human data are very new.”

So far, the evidence is largely circumstantial but worrisome, researchers say. And [...]

This article provides some pretty modern and creative ways to try and keep animals off the road or at least alert drivers when an animal may be close. Investigations of dangerous crossings for animals, done by state officials, have shown specific spots in which overpasses or underpasses may be used to limit collisions with animals. Also infrared sensors may be used to alert drivers of animals nearby on roadsides.

I was most amazed with the different states legislature regarding what citizens can do with their road kill. Some states allow you to take anything you hit, while some make you give the road kill to charity in order to eat. And in Illinois you can only keep your hit road kill if you are not delinquent on your child support payments.

Further down in the article they provide a recipe, yes a recipe, for how to prepare a venison meal if you happen to hit [...]

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