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Many people choose to buy a used car instead of a new one as a way to save money and get the same features or model. While opting for a pre-owned model will typically reduce the amount you pay, you need to be careful and ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. Otherwise, you may end up losing money on the purchase. To protect your investment, always check a few key things before you buy a used car, regardless of the brand or style.

Vehicle History Report

You should always ask to see a copy of the vehicle history report of the used car you are planning on buying. If the seller doesn’t have a copy handy, ask for the VIN and look it up yourself. Although it costs a few dollars to get a detailed report, you can get a basic one for free, and the detailed ones are well worth the money. [...]

When you decide that it is time to buy a new Chrysler or another vehicle, you will probably want to save some money by trading in your old model at the same time. Doing this can take a sizeable chunk of the price off of your new vehicle, making it much easier to afford or letting you opt for more features. To make the most out of your trade-in, you can do a few things to maximize the value of your Chrysler or other model.

Keep up with Maintenance and Records

One of the most important things that affect the value of any used car is how well it has been maintained. If you want to get the most money for your old car, it should be in good condition, and the best way to ensure this is performing regular maintenance. This isn’t a very complicated task; simply follow the guidelines listed in your owner’s [...]

Shopping for a car can be a lot of fun. There are so many options available to you: makes, models, colors, features, and everything else imaginable. But sometimes working with car dealerships in Dayton can just be plain frustrating and more of a hassle than anything. Where do I start? What is the best way of going about finding the car? How will I know what my options are? So many questions come along with this sometimes-frustrating process.

For those of you out there that need these questions answered, follow the guidelines below for some advice.

  1. Decide what your budget is. How much are you willing to pay up front, or how much are you willing and able to pay monthly (if applicable)?
  2. Set your stipulations. What MUST this car have? Less than 50,000 miles? Heated seats? Sun roof? 4WD or RWD? Decide what is absolutely important for you to have in your future car. [...]
Safety Tips For Driving On Ice Winter driving conditions mean more than just delays. Icy conditions can create dangers for drivers and their passengers. Ice alone contributes to 12% of all accidents each year. Prepare your car and yourself before heading out on winter roads with these tips.  Safety Tips For Driving On IceSafety Tips For Driving On Ice The most important step for winter driving is to be prepared. Weather conditions can change almost instantly, and you’ll want your automobile in top shape. Make sure your car is equipped with winter weather tires. Low temperatures make normal tires to harden, causing a loss in traction and control. Winter tires stay flexible and have specialized treads that do not hold snow. Be sure to top off your antifreeze and properly defrost all windows before heading [...
Used Cars For Sale In Dayton, Ohio Are Only a Click Away! used cars for sale daytonused cars for sale daytonShopping for a new car can be such a hassle. You have to get in your old clunker, drive out to the dealership, be pushed around by a money-hungry salesperson, only to find out you don’t meet their financing qualifications! It can be more of headache than it’s worth sometimes. That is, until now. Introducing the tech-savvy and customer-friendly Paul Sherry Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram conveniently located on the internet! That’s right, now you can shop from the comfort of your own home. In fact, Paul Sherry doesn’t even want you to get out of your pajamas, simply grab your computer and visit them virtually on Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Facebook, and of course, www.sherrychrysler.com! Then, [...
Paul Sherry’s: A Leading Used Car Dealership For Dayton, Ohio

Anyone who has gone through the process of buying a used car knows that many dayton car dealerships employ detestable practices and go to great lengths to sell cars that are sub par or even dangerous to drive. However, at Paul Sherry Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, the customers are treated like family. This motto has made us one of the leading used car dealers in the Dayton, Ohio area. car dealership Daytoncar dealership Dayton

Why would we do such a thing? At Paul Sherry’s, the customer comes first. Our policy of providing superior products at fair and reasonable prices allows us to not only act with total transparency when it comes to making a deal, it also helps you to know that you are buying from the [...
Keeping Rust At Bay: Tips For Rustproofing Your Vehicle


Winter has passed and the days of wet, salt covered roads are over. If you live in a northern state that gets snow every year, then you’re probably familiar with rust. Rust can greatly threaten the structure, function, and value of your car or truck. Treating existing rust and taking measure to prevent further development can help you maintain the safety of your vehicle. Rust isn’t just unpleasant to look at, it can also affect the performance of your vehicles brakes, fuel lines, and suspension. Follow these guidelines for preventing excessive rust and potentially threatening damage to your car.


Removing Existing Rustused cars ohioused cars ohio It is very important to know that a small rust spot very quickly turn into a large rust [...
Basic Tire Maintenance Tips Tires. We all rely on the tires on our vehicles to get us to and from the places we need to go. Nevertheless, when it comes to auto maintenance, tire care is overlooked by most people. Most people are good about checking their oil and other fluids, but they usually steer clear of the tires unless they have a flat or if a tire looks suspiciously low. When tires are taken care of, your car will get better fuel mileage and your car will last longer. Listed below are some great tire basics for dummies.  used cars tire maintanenceused cars tire maintanence


Rotating Tires All auto shops can rotate your car tires and this is something that is usually done following an oil change. There is a good reason for this. [...
10 Used Cars That Are Worth Owning


There’s no questions that new cars are nice. They’re a pleasure to drive and there is a peace of mind that comes from knowing there are no hidden problems. However, the idea of buying a new car is out of the range of many people, especially in the current recession. After all, a new car can lose up to 20 percent of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot.


used cars dayton dealerused cars dayton dealer The ideal solution for many people is to buy a used car.  A used car that is only a couple years old, preferably with low mileage, is ideal. These cars have taken the large depreciation hit already and they have low enough mileage that hidden issues [...
Tips For Cleaning And Detailing Your Car Like A Pro


An automobile is one of the largest investments someone will ever make in their life, so they tend to choose one that really appeals to them. With that said, most owners want to keep their investment looking like new, but they may not know how to do it. Usually one of two things happen. Either they fork out a bunch of money to pay a professional to do it, or they try to do it themselves and end up damaging something. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you some helpful advice. used car cleaningused car cleaningInterior When someone drives off a dealer’s lot with their new ride, the interior is practically spotless, but this usually doesn’t last very long. The trick to keeping [...
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