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dodge grand caravandodge grand caravanThe Dodge Grand Caravan can hold up to 7 people.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a cross-functional vehicle that is home to the industry-exclusive Super Stow ‘n Go seating. It converts the 7-passenger mini-van to a flat-load floor.

You have a choice of seating for seven, or lots and lots of cargo space – or somewhere in between. Not only can you fold the seats down to a flat-floor surface, but there are 81 possible seat configurations.

dodge grand caravandodge grand caravanThe seats are removable and collapsible and there is access to built-in storage tubs. The storage bins provide you with an additional 12 cubic feet of storage space. They are [..

The Dodge Grand Caravan has a seating and storage system called Stow ‘n Go that gives you room and options for the rear seating in your vehicle. The second and third row seats have the ability to fold down to in-floor storage compartments that become a completely flat floor that is great for storage. Follow these step by step directions to easily fold the Stow ‘n Go seats:

  1. Put the driver and passenger seat all the way forward before you fold down the second row seats
  2. Raise the armrests on the second row seats
  3. Push the head restraints down to the locked position
  4. Next, move the storage bin lock to “Locked” then pull the latch which opens the storage bin cover
  5. Look on the right side of the seat and find the seat recliner lever which folds the seat up
  6. Find the release strap which is at the back of the seat. Push the [...]
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