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chrysler pacifica miami valley

As it is the newest minivan on the market, most Miami Valley residents aren’t quite sure what to expect from the Chrysler Pacifica. Just like with any other Chrysler model, you can expect innovative features designed with your family in mind. Some are familiar, like the Stow ‘n Go seats you will remember from the Town & Country. Others, like the hybrid option, haven’t been seen before. Here are just some of the coolest features on the all-new Pacifica that make it the top minivan on the market.

Fuel Economy and Hybrid Option

In the past, if you wanted a hybrid minivan, you were out of luck. The new Chrysler Pacifica changes that with the available hybrid configuration. Even if you choose to go with the standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 gas engine, you get 28 mpg on the highway, numbers the competitors can’t come close to. Going with the Pacifica Hybrid will give you up to [...]

dodge grand caravandodge grand caravanThe Dodge Grand Caravan can hold up to 7 people.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a cross-functional vehicle that is home to the industry-exclusive Super Stow ‘n Go seating. It converts the 7-passenger mini-van to a flat-load floor.

You have a choice of seating for seven, or lots and lots of cargo space – or somewhere in between. Not only can you fold the seats down to a flat-floor surface, but there are 81 possible seat configurations.

dodge grand caravandodge grand caravanThe seats are removable and collapsible and there is access to built-in storage tubs. The storage bins provide you with an additional 12 cubic feet of storage space. They are [..

The Dodge Grand Caravan has a seating and storage system called Stow ‘n Go that gives you room and options for the rear seating in your vehicle. The second and third row seats have the ability to fold down to in-floor storage compartments that become a completely flat floor that is great for storage. Follow these step by step directions to easily fold the Stow ‘n Go seats:

  1. Put the driver and passenger seat all the way forward before you fold down the second row seats
  2. Raise the armrests on the second row seats
  3. Push the head restraints down to the locked position
  4. Next, move the storage bin lock to “Locked” then pull the latch which opens the storage bin cover
  5. Look on the right side of the seat and find the seat recliner lever which folds the seat up
  6. Find the release strap which is at the back of the seat. Push the [...]

Generally, most spark plugs we made to last 60,000-100,000 miles. The spark plugs in the Chrysler Town & Country should be inspected and cleaned every 30,000 miles, according to Chrysler. By replacing the spark plugs as suggested, gas mileage can be improved as well as strain on the engine.
Follow these easy steps to replace the spark plugs in a Chrysler Town & Country:

  1. First, you should disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Let the battery cool. Do not try to replace the spark plug in a hot engine, as it can damage the cylinder head.
  3. Find the spark plug wires. They will be located across the front and back of the engine.
  4. Release the lock on the spark plug by first grabbing the spark plug wire by its boot. Turn it one-half turn clockwise, and then one-half turn counterclockwise. Pull the wire off the spark plug. Lay the wire aside.
  5. Insert the socket [...]

In 2011, Chrysler published a video of the results of comparison tests that they performed with the Chrysler Town & Country against the Toyota Sienna LE V6. While both would commonly be considered to be comparable minivans, the outcomes proved to distinguish them as very different. Take a look:


This was one of the most obvious differences as the handling of the Sienna was not as adequate as the Town & Country. The suspension in the Sienna is soft which makes the van feel uncomfortable in any handling situations.

The Town & Country had superior handling qualities, especially in situations like emergency handling.

The Town & Country ABS worked well with adequate pedal feedback and feel while having short stopping distances with minimal brake time.

chrysler town and country dealerchrysler town and country dealer


Having a mini-van or a large car to accommodate your kids, friends of your kids, as well as all of their soccer gear, basketball equipment and school bags is can be essential for some families. But what good does a vehicle do that doesn’t have space for all of your storage? The Chrysler Town & Country provides the first-class storage options and flexibility that many families want and need.

chrysler town country switcheschrysler town country switchesThe Chrysler Town & Country has the Stow N’ Go seats which allow for convenient and power folding and unfolding positions for the second and third row seats:

  • One-touch fold and tumble for third-row seats
  • Seats fold into floor bins individually
  • 2-7 seats, or any combination in between
  • When in the standard upright position, there are in-floor bins which [...

What was the most surprising about the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country was not the storage space or the entertainment system, but the 42 safety and technology features that come standard. Of course, there is comfort in knowing the Town & Country is equipped with supplemental side-curtain, advanced multistage front, and front seat-mounted side airbags, but the innovative technological safety features are even more impressive.

At one time or another, everyone has had trouble with blind spots, but the Blind Spot Monitoring is a radar technology that will alert you of proximity danger while you drive. An illuminated icon appears on the side view mirror (or you can choose to hear an audible warning) when another vehicle is next to you. Furthermore, the Rear Cross Path Detection will alert you of approaching low-speed vehicles when backing out of a parking spot. This is perfect for places like the grocery store parking lot on a busy [...]

Not only will it get your kids to soccer practice and school safely and comfortably, but it will pamper you while doing so. From the Nappa leather-trimmed, heated front and second row seats, to the Parkview rear back-up camera, to the sunroof air deflector, every detail and feature of the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country will take you from Soccer Mom to Super Mom.

This not-so-average minivan comes fully equipped with the UConnect touch screen hub for all of your technology (including Bluetooth, voice command, WiFi internet, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, storage for your iPod files, and navigation GPS), radar technology of blind spot monitoring, one-touch power-folding third-row seats, and 42 safety features. You will keep your kids safe with the supplemental side-curtain air bags, door alerts and dual power sliding doors that are equipped with power liftgate with obstacle detection.

Want a vehicle that spoils you when you are running those dreaded errands? How about [...]

  • May 10, 2012
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First off, the Chrysler Town & Country that was test driven can be found for sale here.

Minivans can be a funny thing to shop for. Most previous car buyers have shopped for cars or trucks because of how they look or how fast they accelerate. But if your shopping for a minivan, they buying criteria is generally different, because now there is usually a family in mind. Minivan shoppers pick and choose based on functionality, convenience, and more often than not, safety. And having high standards is OK for the Chrysler Town & Country, because it will achieve and surpass all expectations. Lets face it, its a family vehicle, there is no denying it and it is what it does best. If you have a family, the Chrysler Town & Country is for you. This minivan sets a standard for the segment. It is constructed of the highest quality materials, and feels like it [...]

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