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As one of the most recognizable minivans in America, the Chrysler Voyager has been a popular choice for families for decades. And now Chrysler is bringing this classic name back to life as part of its 2020 lineup.

As an updated and rebadged version of another Chrysler minivan, this new arrival promises to deliver an affordable price tag with attractive accessories and reliable performance. With different trims and optional accessories available, this new Voyager has plenty to offer.

A Familiar Name On A Familiar Model

Although Chrysler is reviving the Voyager, it won’t be an original addition to their lineup. The reliable Pacifica is being rebadged as the Voyager, and their appearance is almost completely identical.

The Voyager has a slightly different body, cloth seats, and does not have some of the high-end materials or accessories that the Pacifica has. The pricing of the 2020 Voyager hasn’t been released yet, but experts believe the price [...]

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