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Keeping Rust At Bay: Tips For Rustproofing Your Vehicle

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Keeping Rust At Bay: Tips For Rustproofing Your Vehicle


Winter has passed and the days of wet, salt covered roads are over. If you live in a northern state that gets snow every year, then you’re probably familiar with rust. Rust can greatly threaten the structure, function, and value of your car or truck. Treating existing rust and taking measure to prevent further development can help you maintain the safety of your vehicle. Rust isn’t just unpleasant to look at, it can also affect the performance of your vehicles brakes, fuel lines, and suspension. Follow these guidelines for preventing excessive rust and potentially threatening damage to your car.


Removing Existing Rustused cars ohio

It is very important to know that a small rust spot very quickly turn into a large rust spot. If you spot a bit of rust on your car, you need to remove it before it spreads and becomes a bigger problem. Use masking tape and sheets of plastic to isolate the area and protect the rest of the car. Use a dual action sander to remove all of the rust from the surface. For more severe spots you may need to switch to a metal grinding wheel. Finish the removal by using paper to hand sand the surface, making it smooth. Once all rust has been removed, finish the area with metal primer and some automotive paint that matches the color of your vehicle. Both of those can be purchased at practically any auto parts store. Apply several layers of primer to the sanded surface. This will provide the most protection against future rust spots and create a good surface for the paint to be applied to. After the primer has been sprayed and dried completely, apply several layers of paint. Once the paint job is complete, buff the edges of the patch so that it blends in naturally with the rest of the surface.


Preventing Rust

Obviously the best way to protect your vehicle from rust damage is to take preventative measures against rust formation. Areas that receive a lot of contact with water or have a high presence of salt are particularly threatening. Detailing Your Car is a great way to prevent the formation of rust. Wash your car every couple of weeks to prevent the buildup of harmful substances that could cause rust. Be sure to adequately clean the undercarriage, wheel wells, and door jams of your car. Apply a protective wax to the painted surfaces of your car every three months. If you live in an area where roads are salted during the winter months, be sure to clean your tires and wheel wells at least once a week. There are products available that repel moisture and protect from rust accumulation. Keeping up with this preventative maintenance on your car will help protect it from the conditions that lead to rust.


Rust can easily challenge the strength, function, and value of your vehicle. Use this tips to treat,  prevent, and minimize the effects of rust. With the proper treatment in place you can protect your car and keep it rust-free for years to come.
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