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With the weather in the Dayton area being unpredictable this time of year, it is easy for the rain on the warm road to quickly freeze to ice. Black ice, called clear ice sometimes, is a virtually transparent form of ice that can hardly be seen on the road. Between the construction on I-75 and the fickle Dayton weather that can easily cause black ice, driving conditions can be extremely dangerous.

jeep grand cherokee dealershipjeep grand cherokee dealership

With the Jeep Grand Cherokee Selec-Terrain traction management system, these dangerous conditions can be easily managed. The Selec-Terrain control dial allows you to select your vehicles capabilities based on driving conditions, in 5 modes: snow, sand, auto, mud, rock.

jeep grand cherokee dealerjeep grand cherokee dealerJust recently, I took a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a spin in Dayton. Sitting in the driver seat, I quickly realized that this car just screamed luxury, but with a fine mix of comfort. From the black leather interior with white stitched trim to the modern and sleek gear shifter, this 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is anything but ordinary. The vehicle does not use an ordinary key to turn on the car, but just the push of a button. After opening the sunroof, I shifted the vehicle into reverse to take a look at the back-up camera. Featured on the touch screen media hub, is the reverse aid in green, yellow, and orange, which tracks the vehicle movement with the tire movement.

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee has [...

When off-roading on a trail, there may be times that you have to cross a stream or other kind of body of water in your vehicle.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee can yield up to 20 inches of water fording height, which can help you cross water safely and securely.

Before attempting to cross water, remember to scope out a safe and appropriate entry and exit location. Also, it is important to check out the depth of the water. You don’t want to cross it if it is too deep. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot see the bottom, you should get out of the vehicle and walk through the water to make sure it is not too deep.

Make sure to drive through, but keep a steady pace. It will be important to keep momentum, as you are likely to encounter rocks and mud along the way. If you are to stop, [...]

Some of the challenges involved in off-roading is about how to get through tight spots. However, with good maneuverability, you are able to steer your way through these spots.

jeep grand cherokee dayton dealershipjeep grand cherokee dayton dealership

While the Jeep Grand Cherokee is lavish and comfortable, it is nimble and agile. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was designed on the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada of the western United States. This means that it is able to get around in the wild outdoors.

jeep grand cherokee dayton dealerjeep grand cherokee dayton dealer

There are three components to maneuverability:
The vehicle’s wheel base: This is the front to back distance between the axles which [..

What is ground clearance? It is just what you think it would be! Is your vehicle high enough to clear obstacles on the ground?

There are some factors that go into mastering off-roading with your new Jeep Grand Cherokee. These include good approach angle, break-over angle, and departure angle.

jeep grand cherokeejeep grand cherokee

With the front air dam easily removed, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s front approach angle can easily be lifted. With just the easy push of a button, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Quadra-Life Air Suspension can add over 2.5 inches of ride height.

Off-roading is challenging and there are some things that you should remember. You should drive as slow as possible. Make sure to drive using your common sense and remember that safety should be your first priority.

jeep grand cherokeejeep grand cherokeeOriginally, 4-wheel drive (FWD) was developed to ensure that all four wheels on a vehicle work to pull their weight for maximum efficiency.

But what is traction? Traction transfers the twisting force of the engine into vehicle movement.

Jeep has made sure that the Jeep Grand Cherokee exceeds expectations by making sure that all possible engine power is usable and is evenly distributed.

For optimal traction, the Jeep Grand Cherokee advanced and sophisticated electronic technology to measure, monitor, and control power delivery. This is in reference to the Selec-tract II or Quadra Drive II 4-wheel drive systems.

jeep grand cherokeejeep grand cherokee

While these technologies help affect traction, the driver’s input [..

If the headlights on your new Jeep Grand Cherokee don’t seem to be illuminating the road properly, you may need to adjust them. Follow these steps to properly adjust the headlights on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

jeep grand cherokeejeep grand cherokeeWhat You’ll Need

Phillips screwdriver, Torx tool head, or Allen wrench.

  1. Park your Jeep Grand Cherokee on a flat surface that is approximately 25 feet away from a garage door or a flat wall.
  2. Turn your engine off and your headlights on. Make sure that the low beams are on and the high beams are off.
  3. Open the hood of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  4. Lift the headlamp covers to expose the alignment screws on the headlamp.
  5. Use the Phillips screwdriver, Torx tool head, or Allen wrench to rotate the alignment screws.
  6. You should adjust the [...

jeep grand cherokeejeep grand cherokeeBefore anything else, make sure to gather your materials and tools. Be sure to have several screwdrivers, with various heads just in case: Philips, flathead, and Torx. Since the door is attached with snaps and clips, you will need a thin yet durable utensil for prying. Perhaps try a small putty knife or another screwdriver.

Next, you will want to remove the screws. In the door panel of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are three screws. Be on the lookout for a Philips head screw in the door pull tray, one that is neighboring to the side mirror, and a Torx screw that is behind the door handle.

Next, you’ll detach the panel from the door. Use your tool (like the putty knife) to pry the panel away from the door. [...

Quadra-lift is a vehicle air suspension system equipped in some Jeep Grand Cherokees. It is a technology that allows you to adjust your vehicle’s height by just the push of a button! Normal Ride Height (NRH) is the standard suspension height, for normal driving.

Click the “up” button to raise your Jeep Grand Cherokee for off-road ground clearance. Clicking “up” on your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Quadra-lift will raise your vehicle to “sand/mud” or “rock.”

By clicking the “down” button, you will lower your vehicle for open-road driving to be more aerodynamic.

Finally, by pressing the “park” button, your vehicle will be lowered for ease of entry, exit, and cargo loading.

jeep grand cherokee selec-terrainjeep grand cherokee selec-terrain

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Selec-Terrain

Selec-Terrain is a system that gives you the ability to control and fine-tune [...]

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