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jeep patriot exteriorjeep patriot exteriorOpening and closing the hood is simple on the Jeep Patriot. Just remember, when opening the hood, two latches must be released.


First, pull the hood release level located on the left kick panel on the driver side of the vehicle.

jeep patriot hoodjeep patriot hood

Next, you will move the safety catch under the front edge of the hood, which you can find this near the center. Then raise the hood.

jeep patriot hood latchjeep patriot hood latch

Clipped to the left side (when facing the hood) of the engine compartment [.

jeep patriotjeep patriotNeed some help setting the time on your new Jeep Patriot? Follow these simple instructions to set the time on your clock:

  1. Press and hold the “TIME” button until the hours blink
  2. Turn the “TUNE/SCROLL” control knob to set the hours
  3. Press the “TUNE/SCROLL” control knob until the minutes begin to blink
  4. Turn the “TUNE/SCROLL” control knob to set the minutes
  5. Press the “TUNE/SCROLL” control knob to save the time change
  6. To exit, press any button/knob or wait for five seconds.

jeep patriot dealerjeep patriot dealerNote: You should not adjust the time while driving, as this can be a serious hazard to yourself and others.

What other questions do you have [...]

Need help changing the oil in your 2012 Jeep Patriot? Gather the materials you’ll need and follow these directions:
What you will need:

  • Large funnel
  • Filter changing tool
  • Replacement filter
  • Replacement motor oil
  • Plastic bin
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Recommended: plastic or latex gloves
  • Recommended: paper towels


  1. Monitor the temperature display in the instrument cluster. Wait until the oil gauge shows as lukewarm. You want to ensure you are not draining dirty oil that will scald your hands and result in an injury.
  2. Put on the recommended plastic or latex gloves to keep your hands clean
  3. Slide under the vehicle from the front. If you aren’t comfortable with this, use a car jack and two car jack stands to raise the car for more room
  4. Find the oil pan. It looks like a large metal box and is located under the engine. There is a drain plug which sticks out from the [...]
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